10ft Gas Canister Storage Conversion

Our team needed an area to safely and securely store large gas canisters.

This conversion started with a standard 20ft shipping container with its ends cut-off and removed. To strengthen the container structure, we fixed a metal frame around the resulting apertures from the previous operation. Inside, a series of steel beams and uprights create the spaces to store the canisters. A series of chains prevent the canisters from falling over.

Both ends of the containers are finished with a chain-link fence, on one end, a door and a ramp give dolly access to the interior. The chain-link fence prevents a build-up of gas in the event of a leak.

This is a bespoke portable conversion that has now been left securely on site.

Our requirements for this conversion were very simple but the size, as well as the interior configuration, are completely customizable. You can see the process and completed converted shipping containers in the gallery below.

You can learn more about our Bespoke Container Conversions here.

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