Bespoke Container Colours

Make your shipping container stand out with bespoke colours!

We have a wide variety of bespoke container colours, from a stealthy Jet Black to a vibrant Raspberry Red. There are two paint shops on-site, with experienced workers who prep, clean and spray the units. This option is appliable to the interior and exterior of all sizes, types and conditions.

There is also a choice for the locking bars and handles. You can have them painted to match the rest of the unit, or masked so they remain the original colour.

You can see examples of the different options below.

If you are purchasing for a business, why not make the container colours match your brand like below. Company logos and decal can also be applied, making your shipping container stand out.

The black 20ft shipping container had the internal, external and locking bars painted. Boards protect the floor while the inside is re-sprayed. Leaving the marine plywood floor clean from any stains.

These 8ft storage containers, painted brown, made use of the masked locking bar option. Once completed the bars and handles remain silver.

The grey 20ft container is a second-hand container. This is a great option for covering any scratches and patches of rust.

This 40ft shipping container is being prepped for a re-spray. The bars and rubber seals are masked.


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