Container conversions are a popular solution for those wanting to join the tiny home revolution and find joy in living large in a small space. Tiny homes are still as popular as ever with many people now opting for this less traditional, yet far more fun way to live.

These small spaces are often just as beautiful and functional as a larger, more traditional brick and mortar home yet there are some myths surrounding living in container homes and other tiny houses.

While these are likely all false, many people still believe these myths and for some, it is putting them off taking the plunge and moving to a more off-grid, smaller and more sustainable living situation which they otherwise would greatly enjoy.

Luckily, most of the common myths surrounding container conversion living can be instantly debunked, which means you can strike them off the list and start making preparations to move into your dream container conversion as soon as possible.

One of the most common misconceptions about living in a tiny home is that they are cramped. While this is a valid fear to have, considering they are ‘tiny’ homes, it is entirely false. While the actual home itself may be considerably smaller than a traditional home, there is still space.

The way around this is to find designs and layouts which suit the space you have, taking advantage of multiple levels, smart storage solutions, open-plan living spaces and even combining multiple units, such as containers to create a larger space.

Careful planning and execution in the building of a container conversion home can allow for a space that feels open, breathable and spacious to live in, with no fear of feeling claustrophobic at all.

Another myth surrounding tiny living is that they are temporary, not built to last and unable to withstand the test of time. This too is entirely false. A properly built container conversion is a sturdy and incredibly durable structure which is comparable to a ‘normal’ house.

Container conversion in particular is a great option for those wanting stability and sturdiness, as the metallic shell of the container provides the perfect foundations to build a home that can withstand weathering, wear and tear and the passing of time.

Another misconception about tiny living is that it must be off grid and there is a lack of access to basic amenities. While some people who live in tiny homes do choose to live off the grid, this is not necessary and you can be as connected as you desire to everything you need.

This means you can have access to electricity, heating, hot water and gas, the same as any other home does. It also means you are able to have all the. Home comforts you desire.

Container homes can have fitted showers and bathtubs, televisions, full working kitchens with refrigerators and stoves, all the modern technology and devices you can dream of. Living in a conversion or tiny home doesn’t mean you need to go without.

So, with access to all these modern luxuries, a study and safe home and as much space as you need to be comfortable, what’s stopping you from living your container conversion dreams?

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