Container Conversions

Bespoke Container Conversions

Building blocks to bespoke spaces

A bespoke shipping container gives you more space for a smaller price. Plus, our conversion specialists can turn it into almost anything. Whether that’s a container garden room, or a container gym. Get more space and get creative – both inside and out.

Add your personality into your new space. From design to delivery, your project manager will ensure your container is complete, straight out of the box. You can avoid the stress of hiring builders and decorators. Essentially, with a bespoke shipping container, you get your space sooner.

If you’re a homeowner or business needing extra space, consider a self-contained solution.

Bespoke shipping containers – made for space

Your bespoke shipping container can be converted into anything. So, let your imagination fly. From a home sauna to a luxury dog kennel. Remember, a modified unit costs less than a home or office renovation. That is, you have more capital to customise your unit.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Night club
  • Private spa or gym
  • Smoking shelter
  • Bike shed
  • “Man cave”

After all, your shipping container is unique to you. For a bespoke space on a budget, a shipping container is everything.

Grow space with a container garden room

A container garden room is a problem-solver if you need more space in the house. This is because you rarely need planning permission to plant one. Moreover, Pentalver offer new and used containers to fit all family budgets. It’s all yours to personalise, too.

If you want a kitchenette, consider it done. Not only can you get cosy with underfloor heating, but full-height windows will make the most of your views. Indeed, whatever your container garden dreams, Pentalver can turn it into reality.

Enjoy sharing your new space with friends and family. For a stylish, savvy solution, consider a container garden room.

Look good with a container gym

With a private gym, you can work out from the comfort of your own home. That means, no membership, no booking slots and no public showers. Altogether, a container gym is a low-cost way to get into shape – for you, your family or school.

What’s more, Pentalver can fully furnish your unit. From shower to steam rooms, treadmills to towel pegs, your private gym is a complete experience. In addition, shipping containers are made to be secure. Basically, you and your equipment are totally protected from extreme weather and theft.

Invest in a container gym. Invest in yourself.

Bespoke container conversions are our specialism

Pentalver specialise in taking ISO shipping containers and transforming into an entirely re-purposed structure, building or object, often without the purpose of storage. Due to their size and strength, ISO Shipping Containers lend themselves to be highly adaptable.

Our dedicated Computer-Aided Design (CAD) specialists and workshop teams have converted shipping containers into offices, workshops, classrooms, stables, laboratories, water treatment plants, mobile generators, biomass boiler units, event and show units, and more.

If you need more space, a bespoke shipping container is affordable, personal and simple. Find out more today. Call us on 03330 169 096 or email us at

You can see how a container conversion can be used in your Industry here.



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