The Environmental Benefits of
Container Conversions

The humble shipping container as it turns out is a highly adaptable structure, and can be transformed into pretty much anything! Container conversions range from simple and secure storage solutions that can be easily moved to different locations as originally intended. To bars, homes, offices, workshops and welfare cabins.

20ft Side opening container as a bar

Repurposed or upcycled shipping containers have the capacity to offer a green alternative solution to traditional brick, mortar and cement buildings. Shockingly cement is the source of approximately 8% of the world’s Carbon Dioxide emissions. Unless a foundation is needed to be built on which the container needs to stand, there is no need for cement to repurpose a container. An upcycled container can be transformed into an Eco-cabin, when fitted with suitable insulation, and its own renewable energy sources such as solar panels, and biofuel or hydrogen fuel cell generators there is no increase in CO₂e from the repurposed container.

40ft Shipping Container as a bird hide

40ft Shipping Container as a bird hide

Repurposing shipping containers is a great solution to the circular economy concerns and struggles of a business, it reduces waste refuse and the CO₂ emissions associated with refuse creation by repurposing an already existing structure. The fewer modifications required then the more sustainable it will be due to fewer materials required. However, increasingly more sustainable products can also be used in the modification of the structure into something new.

Container Conversions & Converted Shipping Containers For Sale in the UK Example Picture by Pentalver

30ft Pizzeria

Pentalver has been providing container conversions for over twenty years. We have supplied customers with modified ‘one trip’ and second-hand units, which increases their lifespan and lowers their carbon footprint. Upcycled shipping containers can be a green alternative to buildings for all your storage, welfare and business needs.

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