Container Conversions

Converted Container Offices & Welfare

Your fast and flexible solution to more office space

If you need more office space, a container conversion is the easiest solution. Not only are they economical, but ready-to-use sooner than a renovation or extension. At Pentalver, we handle your conversion from design to drop-off, so you can enjoy a bespoke office and avoid wasting time and money. Need more space for you or your business? For a stress-free solution, a shipping container conversion will tick all your boxes.

Container offices – built for business

A container office works for all businesses. Whether you’re a corporate company or self-starter operating from home. Due to their flexibility, a container layout is bespoke.

Options may include:

  • Partitioning for meeting rooms
  • Kitchen and staff rooms
  • Computer suites
  • Storage for archives

The outside can also reflect your business or personality. From painting in your brand colours to cladding in slate, the possibilities are endless.

Moreover, a shipping container office conversion scales well to compliment your growing business. You can add units as you expand. Plus, containers are secure, offering you peace of mind.

Welfare containers for safer spaces

Our welfare containers are construction-site ready before they leave our workshop. If you’re a site manager, you can be confident you’re complying to CDM regulations. Crucially, our welfare units offer an all-in-one solution to support your team.

Features and accessories include:

  • Toilet, shower and changing facilities
  • Break rooms and kitchens to relax and eat
  • Heating and air-conditioning units to keep your team comfortable no matter the weather

Again, our welfare containers are portable. They are also weather-resistant, durable and security-safe, being made from Corten steel. You can rest assured that valuable equipment is protected.

Affordable and simple, our welfare containers come either customized or standard.

Create sound success with a container studio

Container studios are your complete solution to music success. With support from our design experts, you can enjoy a recording studio to suit you. Not to mention, your container – fitted with tracking and control rooms – is delivered to your back door.

High-security locks and walls made of steel also mean your equipment is safe and sound. Plus, if inspiration strikes at midday or midnight, your studio is available 24/7. What’s more, you can share your sophisticated space with collaborators and perform for family and friends.

Don’t play second fiddle to professionals. Own your container studio and make it big for a smaller price.

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