Container Conversions

personnel doors to Enhance Accessibility and Functionality

When it comes to enhancing the use and accessibility of shipping containers, Container Door add-ons are a simple yet highly effective solution. These modifications are designed to make your container space more functional and user-friendly, whether you’re using it for personal or commercial purposes.

container door Options for Every Need

We offer a range of Container Doors to cater to various needs and applications. From UPVC doors and bi-fold doors for garden rooms to heavy-duty anti-vandal steel personnel single doors, double doors equipped with 10-point locking systems, and single or double fire escapes for worksites, construction sites, and offices, our Container Door solutions are designed with security and versatility in mind.

For spaces and partitions inside the container, we offer timber doors, providing you with even more options on how you want to customise and utilise your container space. Giving you the freedom to tailor your container to your exact specifications, both inside and out.

Explore the possibilities of personnel container door add-ons and unlock the full potential of your shipping container space. Whether you need improved accessibility, security, or functionality, we have the perfect door solution for you.

Discover the best option that best suit your requirements and elevate your container conversion today.

See some doors in action with our shipping container offices here.

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