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Versatile Storage Solutions for Your shipping Container

Efficient storage is essential for maximising the utility of your shipping container space, and that’s where Container Racking and Shelving come into play. These versatile accessories provide numerous benefits, from keeping your items organised to creating more usable floor space.

Container RAcking & Shelving options

We offer a wide range of Container Racking and Shelving options to suit your specific needs. These solutions come in various lengths, including options that can span the entire length of the container. You can choose from 1-tier, 2-tier, 3-tier, or 4-tier to accommodate your storage requirements. Additionally, we provide the flexibility of sending racking options unassembled or fully assembled to save you time and effort.

For those seeking the sturdiest shelving solution, we offer bespoke heavy-duty shelving that is tailored to your measurements and securely screwed to the floor. If needed, we can weld lips along the front edge of the shelving to ensure items stay in place.

Container shelving offers quick and easy assembly. It involves hooking brackets onto the lashing rings inside the container and laying timber planks over the brackets, providing an efficient and secure storage solution. We also offer pipe racking for specialised storage needs.

Using racking and shelving in combination with other container conversions can greatly enhance the functionality of your container space. Whether you’re planning to create a container workshop, a COSHH Store, or simply need extra storage for your business or domestic needs, our Container Racking and Shelving options are the perfect addition to help you maximise the potential of your container space.

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