Container Conversions

Converted Container Storage Solutions

A flexible and convenient way to store all kinds of goods

Our shipping containers are manufactured for transporting all kinds of goods across countries by both land and sea, and as such, they are a great option if you are looking for a reliable and secure place to store all manner of items.

Whether you are looking to safely store goods on a temporary or permanent basis, a converted shipping container is a flexible and affordable option that you might want to consider.

Secure storage for businesses

Shipping containers are widely used by many businesses to hold the excess stock between seasons, spare office furniture and other valuable equipment in a safe and dry condition. A simple and affordable modification like lighting or a service door can make it easier to access the container and find that archived document, tool or products you are after.

Personal storage

If you are running out of storage space at home or need that extra garden shed space, our converted shipping containers could be a quick and easy solution. Containers can be lined and insulated with a range of materials and thicknesses. We can also supply either heavy-duty or rapid racking along the sides of the container for a convenient way to organise and store your valuables.

Self-storage sites

If you own a self-storage site, at Pentalver, we are proud to be the first ones in the market to have introduced a flexible way to double you available storage way and at the same time offer safe and convenient access for your customers. We call it a Topper unit, it goes on top of your existing 20ft units and it can be had in either of two options:

  • 8ft Topper Storage Unit – It offers two storage 8ft spaces accessible via a 4ft covered walkway in the middle.
  • 15ft Topper Storage Unit – It offers a single 15ft storage space accessible via a 5ft covered walkway at the back of the container.

Find out more about our Topper Container Storage Conversions here.

Storage of hazardous goods

We can create a bunded storage container to safely and securely store chemicals, flammables or other hazardous materials. With flexible options such as forklift access, frost protection, air extraction, specialised shelving and much more, we can help you design a specialist container to suit your storage needs.

Some of the most common modifications we can add to a container are:

  • Interior Lining & Insulation
  • Service doors
  • Heavy-duty internal racking bays
  • Fitted lighting and electrics
  • Reinforced metallic flooring
  • Checker plate floor
  • Internal divider walls


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