Ply Lined Containers to Protect Your Goods from Condensation

Superior Protection, Multiple Container Sizes

Discover the ultimate solution to safeguard your valuable items from condensation with our Ply Lined Container Conversions. This 20ft ‘One Trip’ container, available in blue (RAL 5010) or green (RAL 6007), is meticulously crafted to provide top-tier protection.

Our conversion features 9mm hardwood ply mechanically fixed to the walls, offering superior defense against dampness and condensation. The included three-tier fixed shelving system not only helps you organize your goods efficiently but also keeps them off the floor, ensuring they remain in pristine condition.

In addition to moisture protection, these hardwood boards provide excellent noise insulation and allow you to securely affix items to the walls, maximising your storage space.

If you have concerns about moisture affecting your cardboard boxes, furniture, paper documents, liquids, or other valuables, our Ply Lined Container Conversion is the ideal choice. It effectively prevents condensation, preserving your items for the long haul.

Ply lining solutions are also available for 10ft and 40ft containers. Get a quote today and ensure the safety and protection of your belongings with our Ply Lined Container Conversion.

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  • 1x Once Used 20ft Standard Container
  • Fitted Lockbox
  • 9mm Hardwood Ply
  • Wind & Watertight
  • Available in Gentian Blue (RAL 5010), Cobalt Blue (RAL 5013) or Bottle Green (RAL 6007)
  • Bespoke Colour Options available

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