Preparation Essentials for Container Conversions


At the heart of your container conversion journey lies the delivery process. Our conversions are typically transported on Hiab-assisted trucks, ensuring safe and efficient delivery. To guarantee a hassle-free start:

Access & Space

Ensure your site provides adequate access and manoeuvring space for the delivery vehicle. Avoid driving over grass, especially during wet seasons, to prevent damage.

Delivery Details

Communicate delivery details promptly with your conversion provider. This includes coordinating the delivery date and time, addressing any specific requirements or restrictions, and confirming someone will be present to receive the container. Our haulier will call the site contact when they are on route to the delivery address.


Choosing the right location for your container is crucial to its functionality and convenience. The ideal surface for placement is hardstanding and level ground. Uneven surfaces can disrupt container functionality, leading to issues like doors not closing or locking properly. Containers on soft ground may gradually sink.


Strategically position the container to align with its intended purpose, ensuring that entrances and doors suit your workflow or usage requirements.

Utilities Consideration:

If your conversion involves utilities like water, electricity, or drainage, plan for proximity to existing connections or prepare to install the necessary infrastructure.

Concrete Slabs:

Consider using concrete slabs for both soft and hard ground. They maintain container stability, improve airflow underneath, and ensure level placement.

Regulations and Planning Permission

Shipping containers often are considered “temporary structures” Which usually don’t require planning permission. However, regulations vary by location, and complexities arise once a container becomes operational post-conversion.

We strongly recommend consulting local authorities or councils to ensure compliance with your specific area’s rules and regulations.

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