ORdering a shipping container conversion

A Step-by-Step Guide

Shipping container conversions have surged in popularity across diverse industries, offering innovative solutions for various needs. If you’re intrigued by the potential of container conversions but unsure about how to get started, rest assured that the process is straightforward and accessible.

The Idea

The initial step in your container conversion journey is conceiving the idea, which can often be the most challenging part. We offer a diverse range of container conversion types, catering to various industries, providing ample inspiration. Whether you’re seeking something entirely bespoke or considering a simpler modification like easy access to a shipping container, or even a more complex project like a two-story modular building, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

When brainstorming your concept, don’t worry if you’re not sure of every detail; that’s perfectly normal. You can start by considering the following factors:

  • Purpose of the Conversion: What will your converted container be used for?
  • Container Size & Quantity: How many containers and what size suits your needs?
  • Interior Finish: Do you require insulation or a specific interior finish?
  • External Finish: What should the exterior look like?
  • Electrical Requirements: How extensive are your electrical needs?
  • Windows: How many windows do you need?
  • Service Doors: Do you require additional access points?

Even if you don’t have a complete vision, understanding your needs and how the conversion will serve you is an excellent starting point. So reach out and take the first step towards turning your container conversion vision into reality.

The design

Once you have sent us your idea, our dedicated and experienced design team steps into action. They excel at collaborating with customers, taking your concepts and evolving them into concrete plans that align with your objectives.

Our design team’s objective is to identify the elements and features you require for your container conversion. Whether it’s bespoke additions, specific doors, windows, specialised equipment, or anything else you need, they will assess your needs to provide an accurate quote.

Once you’re satisfied with the proposed design and place your order, our design team employs sophisticated CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. This tool allows them to create detailed and precise General Arrangement drawings, which serve as the blueprint for your project. These drawings offer you the opportunity to visualise the final product and make any necessary adjustments before the physical work begins.

Once you give your final approval for the General Arrangement drawing, the next phase for your shipping container conversion begins.

Welfare Container Conversion CAD Drawing

20ft Welfare Conversion General Arrangement Drawing

The Build

Our dedicated team of skilled professionals, including fabricators, painters, welders, carpenters, and electricians, enables us to manage the entire conversion process in-house. This streamlined approach ensures that your project is executed to the highest standards.

Working from the General Arrangement drawing, your container journeys through our state-of-the-art workshop. Moving through various specialised areas, including the fabricating section, lining room, and paint shop, where our experts work to bring your vision to life.

Throughout the build phase, we maintain communication with you, providing regular updates and images of the progress. As your conversion nears completion, our team coordinates logistics and delivery to align with your schedule and requirements.

Shipping Container Conversion Workshop

Container Conversion Workshop

The delivery

As a logistics company with our dedicated transport fleet, we take pride in ensuring a smooth and hassle-free delivery process.

We’ll work to arrange a delivery date that suits your schedule. When it’s time for delivery, our haulier will reach out to you, keeping you informed every step of the way. We understand that not everyone has the means to lift a container off a truck, so we can dispatch your unit on a hiab truck. This specialist vehicle enables the container to be safely and precisely craned off the truck, placing it where you need it.

Hiab Delivery of container conversions

Hiab Delivery of a Modular Building

By handling every aspect of the conversion process in-house, from initial drawings to final delivery, we maintain complete oversight, combined with our dedicated team, in-house expertise, and commitment to your vision, we ensure a seamless, high-quality transformation.

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