Building an Effluent Decontamination System

A returning customer, Suncombe, asked us to build them an Effluent Decontamination System as a result of previous positive performance by Pentalver.

Suncombe’s Effluent Decontamination System comprised of 4no. 40ft High Cube containers, some of which are widened to 11.5ft. Suncombe required a very high specification stainless steel interior with bespoke pipe fittings and quality finish. In response to this request, Pentalver were more than happy to take on the job.

Pentalver were able to meet these very specific demands as they were adequately prepared to handle this job.

The project is a result of continuous development and design review meetings with Pentalver which ensured that the final product was made to perfection. It was very important to communicate clearly and effectively to ensure that Suncombe were satisfied with the outcome.

“We have worked with the Pentalver Container Conversions team on multiple projects and find them to be very professional to work with. They never fail to take the time to understand our challenging requirements and are always extremely informative. 

Pentalver have supplied us a number of modified shipping containers and mostly heavily modified but in the main the modifications have been to move existing doors and fit new door points, remove the floors and fully weld stainless steel or mild steel in place of the wood and then to start on the fitting out of internal wall systems, stainless steel bunds, specially sealed wall penetrations, etc.

We have worked closely with their design team and the guys on the workshop floor and we are always extremely impressed with the quality produced and the amount of knowledge available to work through our requirements.”

Steve Overton, Operations Director



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