Shipping Container Accessories

Enhance the functionality and organisation of your shipping container with our various shipping container accessories. We offer a selection of extras to complement your container conversion. From Grafo-Therm Treatment to Shipping Container Racking and Spray Painting, we have everything you need to optimise your container space.


Shipping Container Racking

Shipping Container Racking

We provide Shipping Container Racking that is suited to your Container. Don’t worry about finding the right shelving when we can add racking to your Container Conversion. Complete your New Shipping Container with Racking added to your Conversion.

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Grafo-Therm Treatment

20ft Shipping Container Grafo-Therm

Grafo-Therm is an Anti-Condensation Coating that prevents Dripping in your Container. Keep the contents of your Container Dry and Secure. Get protection from water dripping damage with a Grafo-Therm Spray.

Buy once used shipping containers and add Grafo-Therm treatment from our online shop following the link below.

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Bespoke Colours & Decal

Spray painting shipping containers

We specialise in spray-painting shipping containers, an important component of our comprehensive conversion service. With us, you have the freedom to select the perfect colour for your shipping container, and our skilled team ensures a flawless paint job for your converted unit.

Whether you’re in the market for a one trip container or a second-hand option, you can conveniently make your purchase online, and explore various paint choices through the provided link below.

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Shipping Container Doors

We know that the right door can transform your shipping container into the perfect space for your needs. Whether it’s improving access, enhancing security, or customising the interior, our Container Door options offer endless possibilities for optimising your container space.

Explore our range of doors designed to fit various applications and enjoy the convenience, security, and flexibility they bring to your container conversion.

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Container Cladding

Roller Door with Cladding

Enhance your shipping container with our expert shipping container cladding services. From aesthetics to insulation, transform your container’s exterior to suit your needs.

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Lights & Electrics

Discover our comprehensive range of lighting and electrical solutions tailored for shipping containers. Enhance functionality and usability with our customisable options. Explore now!

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Container insulation & lining

Shipping Container Lining and Insulation

Enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your container with our versatile lining and insulation solutions.

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