Double your Storage Capacity with our Topper Solution

Pentalver presents an innovative container conversion created for the self-storage industry, the “Topper” unit. Designed to sit on top of your current 20ft units and available in two different configurations to offer maximum flexibility.

Introducing our Topper Storage Solution, tailor-made for the self-storage industry. Available in two configurations, it optimises space with either double 8ft storage units separated by a 4ft walkway or a single 15ft storage unit with a 5ft walkway.

Built with vandal-resistant personnel doors, our Topper units ensure security and convenience. Choose from standard colours like gentian blue (RAL 5010), cobalt blue (RAL 5013), and bottle green (RAL 6007), or opt for bespoke colours to suit your needs.

Toppers for Storage Sites

Our Topper Storage Solution offers numerous benefits to self-storage sites, especially those facing capacity constraints. By providing additional storage units that sit atop existing containers, self-storage facilities can effectively double their capacity without requiring extra space. This innovative solution optimizes available resources and maximizes profitability for storage businesses.

Additionally, the inclusion of a standard staircase with various landing options ensures convenient access to the units, further enhancing their functionality and appeal to customers. Explore our Topper range today to unlock new opportunities for your self-storage facility.

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£5,420 + VAT

Price excludes delivery

  • Two different configurations available
  • 2x 8ft storage units or 1x 15ft storage unit
  • Double your current storage capacity
  • Secure storage
  • Anti-vandal personnel doors
  • Covered walkway
  • Available in gentian blue (RAL 5010), cobalt blue (RAL 5013) or bottle green (RAL 6007)
  • Optional Security Gate

CAD Drawings


*Please note: All drawings are for representation purposes, Pentalver reserves the right to modify these designs at any time. Do not dimension from this drawing, Use figured dimensions only. All measurements in millimetres. Reproduction is not permitted without authorisation.

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