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Safe and Customisable Hazardous Material Storage Solutions

In recent years, the concept of converting shipping containers into COSHH Stores has gained significant traction. The appeal lies in their remarkable strength, durability, and adaptability, making them the perfect choice for securely housing a wide range of specific materials and substances.

Our Container COSHH Store Solutions

We specialise in creating Container COSHH Stores that ensure the safe and secure storage of chemicals, flammables, or other hazardous materials. Our offerings include customisable features such as forklift access, frost protection, air extraction systems, specialised shelving, and much more. Additionally, we excel in building bespoke Vented Gas Stores, offering tailored solutions to meet your unique storage requirements.

Common modifications to transform a standard container into a COSHH Store include:

  • Fabricating a fully bunded floor – with a plate under crossmembers and mesh floor installation.
  • Interior lining & insulation – for added protection
  • Service doors – for quick & easy access
  • Heavy-duty racking bays – for efficient organisation
  • Fitted lighting and electrics –¬†for enhanced visibility and functionality
  • Reinforced metallic flooring – to withstand heavy loads
  • Checker plate floor – for slip resistance
  • Internal divider walls – to separate contents
  • Bunded floor – or partially bunded floors for spill containment
  • Additional vents – for added ventilation

Our COSHH Stores are available in various sizes, ranging from 10ft to 40ft, and can even be customised to meet your specific dimensions and requirements. Trust us to provide tailored solutions for your hazardous material storage needs.

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