Container Conversions

Containers to Expand Your Classroom Space

Weatherproof, spacious and easy to maintain

Finding extra classroom & storage space is not only expensive but time-consuming. A shipping container offers a lower-budget, faster alternative to standard brick-and-mortar structures. Due to the design, containers lend themselves to be highly adaptable. They can be customized for schools, colleges and nurseries. Whether that is outside comfortable classroom space or specialized storage to house equipment or important documents/archives.

Container Classroom

Getting more space can be tricky. Our conversion team are here to help to make the process as easy as possible. The design team will help you make the most out of the available space. Once the conversion is completed, it will arrive at your site ready to use!

Containers can be made in various sizes. For larger spaces, two sides can be cut out and the units joined together. Giving you twice as much width and either a 20ft or 40ft length. Electrical outlets, ceiling lights, desks, chairs and other necessary equipment can be implemented before your units arrival.

Additional Storage Space

Acquiring extra storage space that is not only secure but weatherproof can also limit your options. Shipping containers can be a great alternative. Not only are they wind & watertight, but they are also extremely secure. You won’t need to worry about any equipment that is left inside them.

Depending on the planned content, containers can be modified to maximise the available space. Different styles, sizes and tiers of racking/shelving can be fitted to keep everything neat & organised. These can be used for sports equipment, additional stationery and spare furniture.

Ply lining a standard container also offers an extra layer of protection against dampness and moisture. This is also offered in various sizes. You can find more about our standard ply-lined solution here!

We also offer 10ft Stores, a convenient and cost-effective storage solution. 10ft in length and 8ft in width they don’t take up to much space. Made from cutting down second-hand 20ft shipping containers, you can choose which type of door. The standard container doors or an anti-vandal personnel door. You can find more information, pictures and specification for our 10ft stores here.



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