Container Conversions

Elevate Your Container with lights and electrics

Electricity to unlock your container’s potential

In an era where innovative solutions are reshaping traditional construction norms, container conversions stand out as a versatile and efficient alternative. Amidst this trend, simple container conversions have emerged as source of practicality, offering an array of benefits without compromising on quality or functionality.

Explore the transformative power of container conversions as we delve into the realm of shipping container lights and electrics, where simplicity meets efficiency to illuminate and power your space. Discover how these accessories, integral to container conversions, enhance the functionality and appeal of your shipping container space.

Setting Up Electricity in Your Shipping Container

When it comes to powering your container, simplicity and functionality are key. Our External 32A 240V Connection and Internal RCD Consumer Unit offer an easy-to-install solution. Simply plug into your existing power source for instant electricity, whether at home or on-site. Larger connections and circuits are also available for more industrialised power usage.

Lighting Options

Lighting plays a vital role in optimising the functionality of your container. Explore our diverse lighting options, from ceiling battens to spotlights, designed to suit your specific needs. Enjoy ample illumination for increased workspace productivity or efficient storage organisation. With well-lit interiors, you can work comfortably and efficiently, regardless of the natural lighting conditions.

Enhance Visibility:
  • Bulkhead (emergency) lighting installed internally above personnel doors ensures clear visibility and safety.
  • External LED floodlights provide ample illumination for enhanced security and visibility around your container.
  • Square LEDs offer versatile lighting solutions suitable for various applications and environments.

Heating & Air Conditioning

Ensure optimal temperature conditions within your container with our comprehensive heating and air conditioning units. Our wall-mounted heaters offer efficient warmth during colder seasons, while air conditioning units provide cooling relief in warmer climates. Experience a comfortable environment conducive to productivity and relaxation, regardless of external weather conditions.

Additionally, we offer extractor fans to enhance ventilation and maintain fresh air circulation inside your container.

Electrical Outlets

Power your equipment and devices seamlessly with our versatile socket options. Whether you require single or double sockets, we tailor the placement and quantity to align with your specific needs. With strategically positioned sockets, you can effortlessly connect and operate your electrical appliances, enhancing the functionality of your container setup.

Additionally, we offer a fused spur for hardwired electrical devices, master seal-style water-resistant sockets for outdoor use, and robust metal-clad sockets for durability. For larger machinery or electrical equipment, consider our 230V 63A Upgrade Inlet/Distribution Board or Distribution Board to 400V 63A (Three Phase) for reliable power distribution.

Enhance Your Container Today

These offerings are tailored to meet your specific needs. With just a few simple additions, you can transform your container into a versatile workspace or storage solution. Combine different options to optimise your container further and unlock its full potential. Discover the possibilities with shipping container lights and electrics.

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