A great solution for your business or home office space.

A 20ft shipping container offers the right balance between available office space and flexibility to place the container almost anywhere. Perfect for a garden home office, construction sites and businesses alike.

A Standard 20ft Office Container Conversion, a versatile and practical workspace solution. This ‘One Trip’ container is available in gentian blue (RAL 5010), cobalt blue (RAL 5013), or classic bottle green (RAL 6007) as standard options, with bespoke colors also available.

Through the anti-vandal personnel door, you’ll find a well-designed interior. Steel anti-vandal shutters with double-glazed sliding windows provide security while allowing natural light to in. The ceiling lights ensure excellent illumination, and a wall-mounted heater keeps you comfortable year-round.

The interior is lined with Wilkins White and insulated for a clean and cozy workspace. The black non-slip vinyl flooring adds safety and style to your office environment.

Not just secure and durable, but also portable, making them suitable for various applications. They can be comfortably left overnight, thanks to their anti-vandal features.

These units are versatile and can be expanded upon, making them ideal for new businesses or construction sites. Whether you need a temporary office space or a long-term solution, Get in touch today!

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  • 1x Steel Personnel Door
  • 2x Double Sockets
  • 1x Double Glazed Window
  • 1x Wall Mounted Heater
  • Black Non-Slip Vinyl Flooring
  • Wilkins White Insulation
  • Available in Gentian Blue (RAL 5010), Cobalt Blue (RAL 5013) or Bottle Green (RAL 6007)
  • Bespoke Colours Also Available

CAD Drawings

20ft container office


*Please note: All drawings are for representation purposes, Pentalver reserves the right to modify these designs at any time. Do not dimension from this drawing, use figured dimensions only. All measurements in millimetres. Reproduction is not permitted without authorisation.


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