Container Conversions

Converted Container Storage Solutions

Optimize your space with these converted containers

Shipping containers are secure, durable & weatherproof, making them perfect for storage. Whether you already have a storage site or thinking about setting one up, a conversion is a great way to make the most out of your space.

Topper Storage Solutions

‘Toppers’ are designed to sit on top of your current units. Still keeping their security but with the addition of easy access, they are great if you want to offer more space, without taking up any extra space.

Two solutions are offered, 8ft and 15ft. The 8ft option has a hallway through the middle, with two personnel doors opposite each other. Behind each door is an 8ft watertight room.

The 15ft option has a walkway down one side. This leaves a 15ft storage space behind an anti-vandal steel door. We also offer this with bespoke sizing, if you wanted each room to be a different size.

A topper solution allows you to essentially double your storage capacity without taking up any space. Useful if your yard is already full and you are wanting to expand. Find more information on our Toppers, including prices, pictures and specifications here.

Multidoor Storage Solutions

This solution gives you separate storage rooms inside a standard. Each is secured behind an anti-vandal steel personnel door. Wooden partitions are erected throughout the container, giving you even, private storage rooms. This is offered in both 20ft and 40ft with different variations of room size. You can find the specification, prices and pictures of all the available options here.

Dry Storage

If you are storing your own or for anything company, it is important to properly protect your cargo from condensation. Shipping containers can be lined & insulated with a range of materials and thicknesses. Racking and shelving options are also available in a variety of sizes and styles.

You can find more information about our ply-lined standard solution here.




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