After the indulgence of the last few months, many people have launched themselves into a health and fitness regime. However, maintaining this new lifestyle can be difficult, which is why having a home gym could improve their chances of sticking to their new exercise programme. 

According to research, more than half of people who make a new year’s resolution commit themselves to exercising more, which makes this the most popular lifestyle change in January. 

However, only nine per cent of people successfully keep their new year’s resolutions, and nearly a quarter have already quit. More than two-thirds have given up by the end of the first month, while the second Friday of the month (January 13th this year) is known as ‘Quitters Day’. 

It is thought that most people who give up do so because they have lost motivation, are too busy or cannot fully commit. 

Exercising more is definitely a lifestyle choice, as it involves taking time out of your day to get to the gym, exercise, shower and come home. For many people, this means waking up earlier, working out after leaving the office, or squeezing it into lunchtime, all of which is hard to juggle with a job, children and social commitments. 

However, having a home gym can make it considerably easier to maintain an exercise programme. For a start, it removes the commuting time, and being so near to the house, it makes it hard to talk yourself out of going. 

You also don’t need to fight over machines or wait for the gym to open, meaning it is much easier to stay committed. 

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