As soaring mortgage rates are making it harder for homebuyers to get on the property market, more people might be inclined to consider a shipping container conversion for their new home instead. 

While this might seem like a far-fetched idea, more of us are transforming containers into liveable spaces. 

Cont Mircea is one such person, who has created a huge following on TikTok for remodelling a shipping container into a stylish home. 

He recently gave his 69,000 followers a tour of a 20-foot shipping conversion in the Appalachian Mountains, Western North Carolina. 

The property is elevated off the ground and surrounded by decking and a wooden staircase. On the top of the building, there is a fun socialising space where he has put outdoor furniture and fairy lights. 

On an adjoining rooftop, he has managed to fit a hot tub, creating a luxurious experience in the beautiful woodland setting. 

Inside, there is a wooden kitchen, family room, bedroom and bathroom, providing all the facilities of a functional home. 

The post, which got 13,200 likes, received plenty of positive comments, including one from dili4380 who said “this is perfection” [sic]. 

Images like ones of this home could encourage more people to consider alternative types of properties, particularly while the housing market remains difficult. 

Last month, the Bank of England raised the interest rate to five per cent, which has escalated mortgage rates to between five and six per cent, pricing many buyers out of the market.

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