A plethora of modified shipping containers has been arriving in Sheffield to enable the city centre to be the latest urban location to have its own market based on stalls using the recycled steel items.

The Sheffield Star noted the arrival of the containers on Fargate, at a time when there has been some confusion about other developments in the area, particularly a row of large coloured pots.

It turns out the large pots, which arrived on July 20th, were there to hold flowers, but these were not installed that day due to the severe heatwave as temperatures in some parts of England hit 40 degrees C for the first time on record. Such heat would have killed the flowers, meaning the pots were left empty, sadly being used as impromptu rubbish bins by some.

However, the arrival of the shipping containers should help change matters, alongside the flowers when they do finally arrive. 

There will be six outlets operating at the site, with the paper naming four of them as being confirmed. These are German street food provider Get Wurst, Korean street food firm Yoki, Urban Pizza Co and Re-Owned, a pre-owned clothes store. 

Sheffield’s project cost £446,000, which is less than half that of a scheme involving used shipping containers that has just been approved for St Helens.

The new £1 million leisure hub will feature no less than 51 containers. Known as the Foundry, it will be established for at least seven years on a site formerly occupied by a multi-storey car park. 

It will feature a mix of cinema screens, food outlets and small retail units, with seating areas and stages.

St Helens Borough Council’s cabinet member for regeneration and planning, Councillor Richard McCauley, said: “The Foundry will provide a much-needed boost to the town centre’s visitor profile, attracting people from inside and outside the borough into St Helens,” adding that this is part of a £200 million town centre regeneration plan.

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