A new shipping container venue in Sheffield is getting ready to open, after delays meant it could not launch in the summer. 

The £446,000 food and shopping facility will open on Fargate on October 17th

It was due to launch in August, but underground water pipes were discovered when the containers were being set up. 

Councillor Mazher Iqbal told BBC News: “When we went looking for the mains gas and electric we need to get these containers working, we found lots of pipes.”

As there had not been a lot of work done since the war, there was limited information available about what was beneath the ground. Therefore, the project, which was launched by Sheffield City Council, was put on hold until the situation was resolved.

Yorkshire Water said the original plans could have potentially damaged one of the biggest sewers in Sheffield. Therefore, the local authority had to propose new plans, which involved moving the venue 1.3m to the right, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service. 

This was agreed by Yorkshire Water, and work was finally allowed to resume. The look, size and layout of the facility would not be compromised, and the cost would remain the same. 

Once complete, the project, which was paid for by the Great Britain Building Fund, will provide shops, bars, restaurants, food stalls, galleries, and events to the people of Sheffield, all set up in shipping containers. 

Mr Iqbal, who is the co-chair of the transport, regeneration, and climate policy committee, said: “It will be fantastic to see people of all ages from across Sheffield enjoying everything this exciting destination has to offer.”

He added: “This new hub of shops, bars and restaurants offers something unique to Fargate and an injection of activity which will attract people back to this area of town again.”

The venue, which also has a big screen, had already been delayed prior to August, as it was originally intended to open before the Women’s Euros in July, The Star reported.

Although four of the original vendors have pulled out of the project, they were swiftly replaced by other retailers and food vendors hoping to capitalise on the demand in the area. 

These include Get Wurst, selling currywurst, bratwurst and schnitzels; Clapping Seoul, offering Korean street food; Fat Mex, making burritos, tacos, nachos, and churros; Heist, a pop-up local brewery; and JAM Artworks, showcasing Sheffield-inspired digital prints, including calendars and T-shirts. 

There will also be a terrace bar, which is set to open at a slightly later date of Friday October 28th. This will serve locally produced beer, wine and spirits. 

Councillor Iqbal is hopeful the new shipping container entertainment centre will bring in lots of business for Sheffield and fulfil the demand for more food and drink outlets from locals. 

“The future is bright for our city centre, and I look forward to seeing what comes next,” he stated.


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