Sports clubs in a small village in East Lothian will be able to enjoy the benefits of having more space in their pavilion after being gifted a new shipping container to use for storing equipment.The Gullane Sports Development Trust (GSTD) had been hampered by having to use some of the changing rooms in the Gullane Sports Pavilion to store equipment, but the donation of a 20ft used shipping container by CALA Homes (East) will now free this space up.

It means clubs such as Gullane Athletic AFC, Gullane Netball Club and Gullane Hockey Club will be among those to benefit.

GSTD chair Mike Mackie said: “The container is solving a long-standing storage issue we’ve had at the pavilion, enabling us to make full use of the facilities once again.”

He added that it was large enough to store the goals for 7-a side and 9-as side football, meaning these no longer had to be kept outside where they would be less secure.

Sales and marketing director at CALA Homes (East) Philip Hogg said: “Having that extra bit of support can go a long way for local sports clubs and facilities.”

Sports clubs across the UK learning of the Gullane experience may consider finding used shipping containers for sale to meet their own storage needs in the same way, freeing up other space in a similar fashion.

In other cases, sports clubs may be in the opposite situation to those in Gullane and find themselves relying on the space provided by a used shipping container until they are provided with a permanent building.

This has been the case for Rastrick Juniors Football Club in West Yorkshire, which has been relying on a used container and a mobile canteen at its Carr Green home to provide facilities for players and spectators.

However, the Halifax Courier reports, the club, which plays in the Huddersfield and District Junior Football League, has now been given a grant from the Premier League, Football Association and the government’s Football Foundation to build a new club house.

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