There have been many arguments about the wisdom of hosting the football World Cup in Qatar, ranging from the disruption to the season in Europe of playing in winter through to various human rights concerns. But the issue of finding accommodation for visiting fans in such a geographically small country has been a particular concern for those planning to attend.

Not everyone will be able to fork out for an expensive hotel or a room in a cruise ship moored off the coast of a host city, but converted shipping containers have provided an alternative.

Tens of thousands of these have been set up in a ‘fan village’ in Doha, the country’s capital, although they still don’t come cheap at US$203 (£174) a night.

While these may be a bit basic, they will at least provide a useful and secure place for fans to stay at night, while they will spend the rest of their time in the stadiums or enjoying games on the big screens and mixing with other supporters in the ‘Fan Village’. 

Of course, some have had a bit of fun publishing novel ideas of how to spruce them up a bit, ranging from psychedelic tapestries to gargoyles.

It is far from the first time that recycled shipping containers have appeared in the World Cup preparations. 

Stadium 974, which is located in the docklands of Doha, has been built using 974 containers. This unique design makes the 40,000 seat venue the first demountable stadium ever used to stage World Cup games.

After the tournament, the venue will be dismantled, with both the superstructure and containers being re-used. In its place a new community facility will be constructed. 

While there may have been many objections to Qatar staging the World Cup, it will at least have provided a grand demonstration of just how versatile used shipping containers can be when new uses are sought for them.

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