A lot of people want to focus on their health and fitness, and many commit themselves to exercising more regularly.

However, for many people, this commitment rarely lasts past the January gym rush, and part of the reason for this is less about the clash between good intentions, motivation and the realities of everyday life, and more about the fact that the two main places to start a routine are not ideal.

Buying a gym membership can be intimidating for some people, especially if they are uncertain if the gym or the package they have bought is right for them and their goals, and working out at home in a spare room is far from an optimal space.

However, some have claimed that the best of both worlds can be found through shipping container conversions.

Shipping containers are affordable, endlessly customisable and typically have plenty of space for most home gym equipment without having to shuffle your living and working space around a gym mat.

It provides the separation that a gym membership would by being away from the house, but without the lengthy commutes and busy hours that can sometimes make a gym visit intimidating. This means a person is more likely to use it and therefore reap the benefits.

As well as this, it can be tailored to any routine, and any home gym equipment is likely to fit and be easy to install inside it so it can be tailored to your fitness needs as they evolve.

Setting up a shipping container gym is a great idea, but it is important to ensure that the space is suitable for regular exercise.

This will mean installing some kind of ventilation system, fitting a floor that stops you from slipping, fitting some kind of insulation to stop the metal walls from conducting heat on hot days and ensuring the gym is not too cool to work out on cold days.

It can also mean fitting speakers or a TV screen to play workout videos to inspire and motivate you.

However, the time and monetary commitment is absolutely worth it, and if you have struggled with home exercise or gym memberships before, a shipping container gym can be an ideal investment.

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