A former IT worker changed career paths by transforming shipping containers into a luxury hotel in downtown Singapore. 

Seah Liang Chiang decided to become a hotelier after ten years of working in IT and launched a hotel chain called Shipping Container Hotel, opening their first building in 2020, Insider reported.

Their second hotel, also made out of a single shipping container, was opened in the country’s hell-themed park.

Expanding on the idea, Chiang has recently opened a third hotel out of four shipping containers. The Garden Pod, situated at the Gardens by the Bay overlooking Marina Bay Sands, offers visitors a unique and luxurious experience. 

The entrepreneur stated: “I wanted to dispel the notion that recycling shipping containers is a cheap experience.”

He spent one million Singaporean dollars (£631,669) on the resort, which can be reassembled anywhere as it has been built in a modular fashion. 

A spokesperson from Gardens by the Bay, which has been visited by around 50 million people over the last ten years, told the publication: “The Garden Pod is a pop-up hotel concept that Gardens by the Bay developed with the Shipping Container Hotel.”

“We are always open to novel proposals from commercial partners to bring new and interesting experiences to our visitors,” they went on to say. 

Shipping container hotels, such as the Stow Away: South Bank in London, are becoming increasingly sought-after. The trendy hotel is made up of 26 shipping containers, has a solar panel roof, a wine bar, and restaurant. 


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