At a time when the country is going through a financial crisis, the housing market could be crashing, and the retail sector has taken a dive, lots of people have been trying to save money on property when they can. 

This means instead of buying or leasing real estate, they have been turning to shipping container conversions instead, transforming the units into luxury spaces at a fraction of the cost. 

So popular are container conversions that they have been propping up in all forms over the last year, and here are some of the most popular. 

Pop-up restaurants

Starting a restaurant is one of the most expensive and risky ventures a businessperson can undertake. That is why it is sensible to minimise expenditure at any opportunity.

Instead of renting expensive buildings, they can set up a series of shipping containers at a much lower expense. This way they can be in the best areas and attract as many people through their doors as possible without crippling themselves financially. 

Garden offices

Although companies, such as Meta, are on a drive to get employees back into the office more often, many people are still enjoying flexible working arrangements with their employer. 

Since lockdown in 2020, lots of staff have moved, meaning they can no longer commute into work, while many have found there to be numerous benefits of working from home, including flexible hours. 

Consequently, garden offices made from shipping containers have continued to prove popular this year. These enable workers to work productively from home without the distractions of daily life, while still enjoying the freedom and flexibility of not having to go into the office. 


Garages remain high on homebuyers’ wish lists when finding a dream home, whether they want them to store a car, for all their tools, or for the extra storage.

In fact, they are so popular that those who do not have a garage often pay between £100 and £250 per month to rent one. 

Instead of spending this money on rental fees, people could get a shipping container conversion and transform that into a garage space to protect their car from the cold, keep their motorbike out of thieves’ hands, or get busy with their DIY projects.

Holiday homes

Having a holiday home is what most people dream of. In fact, nearly half (45 per cent) of those with a second property use it to visit when they want a break. 

However, not many people can afford the stamp duty, mortgage, and utility bills of an additional property, especially with the average price of a house now coming in at £281,974. 

This is why a converted container has become the answer to so many Brits eager for a holiday house. 

They could even let it out when it is not in use, giving them an income that could give them some extra cash. By choosing quirky interior design or situating it in a beautiful area, they will be able to demand more from the rental.

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