Tiny homes have had a surge in popularity over recent years and it has become somewhat of a trend to see micro homes made from all sorts of different materials. Treehouses, pods, converted buses and even shipping containers have all seen a revamp into small, cute living spaces.Lots of people are using shipping containers for all kinds of projects, as they are a popular choice for homes, offices and even social spaces like bars and food courts.

There are so many benefits to living small. For one, you have way less cleaning to do. How easy would it be to only have to mop and vacuum one room? There’s also the added benefit of saving money, as running a micro home requires far less heat and power. 

Shipping container conversions are only one way to build your own small home but it has so many benefits. 

Shipping containers are recycled goods, so using a shipping container that would otherwise go to scrap is a good way to be eco-friendly and recycle existing materials to help save the environment. 

They’re also a super sturdy structural option. Containers are built to withstand the weather and be durable, watertight and fire-resistant, soyou already have solid foundations to begin your project. 

Their durability also makes them super safe. You would have a hard time breaking and entering a shipping container, making them a good option for those wanting a secure space, something that is very important for where you’re living.

You don’t have to stick to just one container as well. Shipping containers are stackable, so you can create a multi-level, modular home that is both modern and functional. This grand design home was created by stacking shipping containers and is a beautiful example of how you can create a lovely home from containers. 


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