Over the past few years, shipping container conversions have become increasingly popular, partly due to the general increase in interest in shipping and one of the most versatile and widely used building materials available, but also due to improved modification and fabrication techniques.

In the past, projects such as Container City I were pioneering stacking, fabrication and technologies that turned a stack of shipping containers into a series of beautiful, accessible, affordable homes.

Since then, greater knowledge of shipping container architectural techniques and the capabilities of the ISO standard structure has allowed for more elaborate, novel and unique ways to run a business completely out of a shipping container.


Mobile Book Store/Library

With so many books being shipped around the world in 20-foot containers, it only makes sense that a fairly substantial book collection could be stored, loaned and sold in one too.

Plenty of examples already exist, such as one in Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester, but with ample space, height, security and weather-proofing, a shipping container bookshop is a wonderfully unique place to get away from it all.


Pop-Up Stall/Shop

For many people in the events industry, it can be difficult, complex, and time-consuming to set up shop in and around a trade fair, convention or concert, but having all of your merchandise and marketing materials in one container that is easy to set up can remove the hassle at the start and end of an event.

A pop-up shop as well is an ideal way to provide a limited-time experience as well, such as for eCommerce stores that are explaining their audience.


Yoga Studio

An average yoga class consists of a small group of people, mats and floorspace, which means that a shipping container can be an ideal way to create a mobile yoga service allowing people on industrial estates or away from easy access to a class to get the relaxation benefits.

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