Tiny homes are here to stay and many people are choosing to make the change from traditional houses to smaller, more sustainable homes. With rising house prices and increased interest in sustainability, it is no shock that tiny homes are still as popular as ever.

There are many different options when it comes to tiny living. From converted trucks to school buses and even container conversions. Deciding on what type of tiny home you wish to live in is one issue, however, there are many other considerations you must make before taking the plunge.

Although living small may seem like a dream, it can be quite tricky to make such a drastic change. If you’re positive this is the right choice for you, there are several points you must consider before taking those final steps.

First, consider space optimisation. In a tiny home, every last inch counts. You will have to put some serious planning into efficient storage and furniture solutions and work out the exact layout of your living spaces before making any decisions.

This can be very tricky as it is sometimes hard to visualise how a space will work until you are actually in it. With a house, this can be much easier as you can see where different items and areas will work, however, a smaller space can be much trickier to figure out.

Consider researching other similar projects and see how they have been structured and find something which works for your needs. This can help to give you some great ideas on how to make a space as functional as possible.

You may also want to consider simplifying your lifestyle. Tiny living is not for those who enjoy being surrounded by many material possessions, there is simply no room for it! Some serious decluttering will need to take place before you are ready to downsize.

Building healthy habits such as reusing and recycling items as well as finding pieces which can be used in multiple ways is a great way to prepare yourself for living with limited space

If making the change to a tiny home also includes living off the grid, you may also want to consider whether this is a sustainable way of life for you. We have become accustomed to being surrounded by endless appliances and electronics and it isn’t possible to maintain all of these off-grid.

Finding effective ways to produce your own energy, electricity and power is key to maintaining a modern lifestyle. This is especially important for those who require devices for their job or who simply enjoy using electronics.

You may also have to say goodbye to several comforts such as taking a long hot bath or shower and having quick and easy microwaveable meals at the ready. Tiny living requires big changes and you may want to spend some time getting used to this before making the switch.


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