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Need a temporary classroom? Consider a converted shipping container. Not only is a container classroom low-priced and practical, but also a fast solution. Secure and portable, they are tailor-made to meet your school’s individual needs.Here’s what you need to know about hiring a temporary classroom using a shipping container.

Why consider a temporary classroom using a shipping container?

Container classrooms are fast and affordable

It’s hard work renting classroom space. Often, you’re on a tight budget and in a hurry. For instance, a fire may have blocked off part of your school. Again, it’s common for schools to hire container classrooms when construction work is in progress.

Either way, a temporary classroom using a shipping container is cost-effective and quick. In fact, units come ready-made in all sizes, both new and used. So, there’s a temporary classroom to suit all budgets. Even better, many conversion companies deliver units straight to your school.

Secure for your peace of mind

ISO shipping containers transport goods across land and sea. Thus, they are ideal to use as a temporary classroom. Firstly, they’re secure and weather-resistant. This means your valuable items – be they Apple iMacs or laboratory equipment – are safe from theft. Secondly, when insulated, your container will be warm and dry.

Bespoke or standard

Container classrooms are modular. That is, your temporary classroom is converted off-site before arriving at your school. There is minimal disruption. Plus, you can design your short-term space to fit your exact needs. Anything from the layout of the room to the look of the light switches can be discussed with a project manager.

However, if you’re in urgent need of a temporary classroom, off-the-shelf containers are also available. Generally, for a smaller price.

Easily moved

Another reason to hire a temporary classroom using a shipping container, is because they are portable. Indeed, if you’re a college or university, containers are ideal for transporting your classroom across different campuses.

Yet, this is a benefit to schools too. For example, you may wish to move your interim classroom from the playground to a more redundant area of the grounds. Unlike a regular building, you can shift your container with ease to offer extra classroom space no matter what.

Shipping container school design

Temporary container classrooms come bespoke or basic. It really depends on what type of classroom space your school needs. On one hand, you may choose to partition your container to benefit from smaller rooms. On the other hand, you could opt for an open-planned classroom with big windows and glass doors to enjoy as much natural light as possible.

Remember, your temporary unit can arrive at your school or college pre-furnished with classroom essentials. Anything from desks to petri dishes. In short, your container unit can be modified to the very last detail. So, you don’t have hire contractors or do-it-yourself.

In order to get the best conversion, you should speak to container modification specialists. They can:

  • Offer computer-generated designs of your interim classroom – meaning you see your design before conversion.
  • Make a steel box feel like a comfortable classroom – with washable walls, vinyl flooring, heating, paint and even posters.
  • Provide accessories to make your container classroom accessible to all – from wheelchair ramps to adjustable sinks.
  • Exterior cladding or paint – so your shipping container classroom can either blend in with your existing school buildings or be bold and iconic.

A short-term classroom using shipping containers is innovative and eco-friendly. All in all, it’s an ideal way to meet the spacial needs of the education sector. To truly benefit from a temporary unit, it’s worth consulting container specialists. Plus, it makes your job as easy as ABC.

Shipping container classroom cost

The cost of a shipping container classroom varies. For example, you could hire two 40ft containers to stack or only need a temporary 10ft craft room. You can also rent both new and used containers. Essentially, the cost of a shipping container depends on how much extra space your school needs.

Permanent container classrooms are great value for money. So, if you decide to keep your classroom, remember it’s a low-budget alternative to renovations or extensions. Lastly, a shipping container will last for decades. Shipping container conversions really are the top of their class.

Pentalver are leading suppliers of container conversions. Plus, with over fifty years’ experience, you can be confident your temporary classroom will be A-grade quality.

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