10ft Security Hut

We were contacted to create a new and secure hut. It needed to have multiple windows and appropriate access.

This conversion job started with removing both ends of a standard 20ft once used shipping container. The section left will form the basis of this conversion. False walls are installed at either end, one having a space for an anti-vandal steel personnel door. Large portions of each side get removed to be filled with windows later. All removed sections get reinforced with steel beams. Once the fabrication work is complete, the unit goes over to the paint shop. The colour chosen was a standard container blue RAL5010.

After the painting is complete, they begin the fit-out process. Walls get lined and insulated, while black non-slip vinyl covers the original plywood floor. Any of the gaps get covered with skirting. A worktop and cupboard are both fitted, which gives the customer somewhere to work and store items. The ceiling light and double sockets get wired up. Cable trunking conceals and protects all the wires.

The last step was to fit each window. The window seals get set in place first. Then the double-glazed glass panes were individually fit. You are left with a 10ft by 8ft portable and secure container. Easy access via a steel personnel door with a worktop and storage space. This conversion would make a fantastic home or business office for one.

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