40ft Office/Welfare Container Conversion

Our friends over at Freightliner needed additional office space. This 40ft container conversion was the perfect solution.

Freightliner is our sister company that provides rail freight nationwide. They needed an extra workspace for one of their sites. We have supplied Freightliner with many container conversions in the past. Including offices, shower blocks and toilet units.

This project started with a standard 40ft shipping container. Four anti-vandal windows get fitted along with a steel personnel door. Then the unit was resprayed, including the locking bars.

Inside walls are lined & insulated while the floor gets replaced with a non-slip vinyl, the same as our standard office solutions. An air conditioning unit gets fitted to the outside of the conversion.

A wooden partition with a timber door leaves a separate room for a toilet & sink. A kitchenette with a sink, cabinet and water heater got fitted against the divider. There is a space and socket for a fridge to fill. Socket and ceiling lights throughout the unit make it accessible to work from any point.

The final container conversion is a spacious office with a high-quality air conditioning unit. The container is comfortable and warm to use all year round. A small kitchenette gives enough space for the necessary appliances. With a private bathroom to make it functional

The similar to our 40ft welfare with kitchen & toilet solution.

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