Boomtown Festival Build

Repurposing over 50 second-hand shipping containers into an immersive festival experience, showcasing innovative container conversions.

The Customer

Boomtown Fair host a five-day festival, annually captivating audiences with its innovative and immersive landscapes. Situated at the Matterley Bowl in Hampshire, it coordinates a variety of stages and spaces, creating a diverse festival experience.

Boomtown sought to intertwine this vision with rustic elements, and therefore required over 50 second-hand containers to be transformed into functional and inventive spaces such as displays, stages, and viewing platforms.

The Build

In the construction phase, our team supplied a variety of containers, each made to meet their specific needs. Some units were crafted with openings and serving hatches to house displays, while others were transformed into elevated viewing platforms or dynamic stages to enhance the audience’s experience.

After we delivered and stacked the containers, the Boomtown creative team took the reins, further enhancing the containers with thematic painting, captivating displays, and signage, weaving the containers seamlessly into the festival’s immersive setting.

The Outcome

Boomtown and Pentalver Container Conversions successfully turned an innovative vision into reality – creating a unique and effective container park built entirely from repurposed shipping containers.
These second-hand containers were transformed into engaging stages, displays and viewing platforms.

This project didn’t just create a captivating space, but also made a positive environmental impact by extending the life of second-hand containers. Boomtown showcased that, with creativity and vision , even used materials can be revitalised into exciting, new creations.

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