container Bird hide

Observing Nature with a Repurposed Shipping Container

The Customer

Morton Pattison, a contracting firm known for ecological and landscape services, required a unique solution for an environmental project. They aimed to repurpose a steel structure into a bird hide and outdoor learning space, serving their diverse range of clients.

The Build

A new 20ft shipping container was the starting point. Our team crafted large openings in the sides and front, creating wide, clear windows essential for birdwatching and nature observation. The container’s transformation included a fresh coat of green paint, chosen to ensure the structure would blend with its natural setting. Preparations were also made for the addition of a green roof to promote ecological benefits and aesthetic appeal.

Inside, we installed frames for benches, leaving space for Morton Pattison to complete the look with wooden seating surfaces, contributing to the hide’s rustic appearance.

The Outcome

This conversion resulted in a subtly integrated green shelter, perfectly at home in its natural environment. Morton Pattison’s subsequent enhancements, especially the eco-friendly green roof and wooden seating, have elevated the structure. It’s now a versatile, all-season educational retreat that complements the firm’s dedication to ecological stewardship. Serving as both a bird hide and a learning space, it’s a prime example of how simple, thoughtful design can support and enhance environmental engagement and education.

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