Container Garden Rooms

Crafting sustainable sanctuaries from containers for personalised backyard escapes.

A modern twist on garden spaces, container garden rooms are gaining immense popularity. As the desire for cost-effective, personalised spaces grows, many are turning to shipping containers as their base structure. Offering a range of sizes and built to withstand extreme conditions, these containers provide a robust foundation. Moreover, their adaptability allows them to be tailored to individual specifications, creating a unique sanctuary in someone’s garden.

The Build

Starting with a standard shipping container, the conversion process is tailored to specific requirements. Various linings are available, with ply lining being the most popular due to its cost-effectiveness and durability; it also allows for easy pinning or hanging of items.

Window options can vary in shape and size to match functionality and design preferences. For entrance and accessibility, we provide door solutions ranging from uPVC French doors to aluminium bifold doors. Interior enhancements can include bars, counters, integrated electrics, and either ceiling lights or spotlights for illumination.

On the exterior, containers can be painted or cladded to minimise the industrial appearance, ensuring a fit with the surrounding environment. We cater to a range of preferences, offering sizes from 8ft/10ft up to 40ft, and even accommodate bespoke size requests.

The Outcome

Upon completion, each container garden room is delivered ready for immediate use. These spaces, tailored to specific needs and requirements, become more than just structures; they transform into hubs of relaxation and socialising, perfect for gatherings of families & friends. Whether utilised for work, leisure, or entertainment, the garden room’s adaptability ensures it meets every individual’s unique vision and purpose.

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